A Great Gastby 40th

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Hopefully many of you have seen Baz Luhrmann’s SPECTACULAR film “The Great Gastby” by now and no doubt you will have enjoyed it as much as we did!

In fact, it’s inspired us to the re-post photos on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Pomodorina) from a wonderful Gatsby-inspired party we produced last year …

The 70 odd VIP guests were invited to frock-up a-la-Gatsby and arrive in time for high tea and live jazz in the garden on that warm and sun-drenched November afternoon.

The client’s 4-tier terraced backyard and pool cabana hosted the lucky invitees, where a clear-roofed marquee was erected and decorated with white birdcages, candles, lounges, and black & white checked flooring plus stunning florals sourced at the local markets.

Guests were treated to Lychee, Mint and Lime mojitos served in small mason jars on arrival and enjoyed an very extensive and impressive range of beverage, including French Champagne. Lots of delicious canapés from a Gastronomy-created & catered menu were devoured, including Mini crab sandwiches with parsley and tarragon, Spiced lamb meatballs with apple, cumin and coriander raita and as evening approached the BBQ was fired up to serve Seafood skewers of salmon, squid and prawn basted with tomato jam and Strips of seared beef fillets with roast potatoes and Béarnaise sauce – yumo!

A fabulous 4-piece jazz band performed throughout the afternoon and was joined by some Burlesque dancers for a performance at sundown. Then day turned into night and the party really got started! The music switched to a client-created playlist of party tunes and the guests moved from under the jacaranda tree into the moodly lit and lounge out-fitted marquee.

The party (plus food and beverage service) continued into the wee small hours of the next morning when the guests enjoyed handmade gourmet pies and sausage rolls (if only Mr J Gatsby knew how yummy these are to eat!) and some incredible gluten-free chocolate and raspberry cupcakes made by Amanda from Vanilla Whisk.

Our thanks to Andrew from LAVA for installing the fantastic festoon lighting that helped to create a very special atmosphere and to Clifford Wallace Agency who supplied the impeccable wait staff that looked after everyone like they were guests of Baz Luhrmann himself!

To see more images from this gorgeous party, check out our Facebook page… www.facebook.com/Pomodorina

Sun Herald Article 31/03/12

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Sun Herald 310313 pg 1 Sun Herald 310313 pg 2

Its always lovely to receive some positive PR – see our posting today of last Sunday’s Sun Herald Article quoting Amy Gee! Our thanks to journalist, Belinda Parkes… Amy’s quote has been ‘cut and pasted’ into the text paragraph below:

“Amy Gee is the director of Pomodorina, a boutique events company priding itself on original high-level functions. She says its not out of the ordinary for parents to spend $15000 on their child’s party for a full-service package inlcuding invitations, set-up and decorating, entertainment, catering of home-made food and amazing birthday cake, along with the loot bags and the clean up.

A beautiful party can still be organised for around $3000, she says depending on how much you are happy to do yourself. “We have converted a rumpus room into a ballet studio but it can be as simple as having a sweets table that looks beautiful with a tiered cake”, says Gee.

“An entertainer is one of the main activities we do but we also include a quiet corner with storybooks and puzzles about the theme because you generally get a mixtures of ages and (level of) confidences. the quiet corner is a nice way for the kids to come and participate kin a slower way and build up their own confidence without being dragged out into the party straight away.”

Gee says working parents have it tough. Many of her clients are professionals in high-pressure jobs who want to give as much back to their children as they can. She says a party isn’t just for the child but also the 20 to 30 accompanying adults so it is good people have become more confortable asking for help. “Not everyone has the cultural background of having the grandparents moving in who can help,” sayd Gee.

The latest trend in children’s parties, says Gee, is to have a spectacular dessert and sweets table to delight the children on arrival and get the parents talking. Homemade cakes by Mum are rare. Cupcakes are also old-hat with the in-crowd serving cake pops – a single serve cake on a lillipop stick – and push-up cakes that are visually beautiful servings in clear cups with a movable base you push up as the cake is eaten down. And they avoide tricky cake cutting and messy crumbs.

Gee says that games like pass the parcel are still a winner but you can jazz it up by tying it in with a theme.

Other popular ideas are having a gift on arrival rather than a loot bag at the end so the host of a ballerina party may give each guest a tutu and tiara to wear for the party that they can take home afterwards. “For the money people spend on lollies, why not find something nice that they can keep like a music box”, says Gee.

CRAVE’s Thoughts & Talks Program

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So, you ask… What was the highlight of working on Crave’s Talks & Thoughts Program?

Being part of a top team headed up by the gorgeous Joanna Savill and meeting the following culinary legends and critics of the international food world:

Terry Durack, Jill Dupleix, Helen Greenwood, Stephanie Wood, Dani Valent, Nick Stock, David Chang, Massimo Boturra, Jordi Roca, Tessa Kiros, Nicholas Lander, Darren Purchase, George Colombaris, Ben Shewry, Maggie Beer, Alex Herbert, Matthew Evans, Giovanni Pilu, Sarah Doyle, Fraser Short, Anton Forte and Huon Hooke…

Need we say more??

Seven’s AFL Grand Final

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We love it when a Corporate event is just as much fun to attend as the actual Sporting event all the guests have come to witness!

Seven’s AFL Grand Final event kicked off with with a custom-designed marquee and VIP entrance, held within the the exclusive “September Club” precinct at the MCG. The marquee walls recreated a grandstand crowd scene and were handpainted by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Michael Mucci (and his very talented wife, Tina). Mini “footy-field” centerpieces themed the tables simply and well and having Seven’s LIVE pre-game coverage across the 4 plasma screens created a great atmosphere for the guests’ arrival.

It was a star-studded affair that saw the likes of Glenn Robbins, David Koch and many former AFL players (including some of Seven’s commentating team) rubbing shoulders.

A delicious 3-course lunch was served to the just-on 200 guests whilst between Entree and Main Course all were entertained by former Neighbours’ star and well known comedian, Geoff Paine, who impersonated a very keen sports enthusiast and event volunteer – hilarious! Between Main and Dessert, the guests were treated to an all-star line-up interview panel in Seven’s Tom Williams & Daniel MacPherson, Olympian Steve Hooker and Carlton Captain Chris Judd. The Q&A session was hosted by Melbourne’s much admired Seven News anchor, Peter Mitchell.

Guests were treated to VIP seats to watch the game and then returned to Seven’s private “September Club” facility to kick on and celebrate the winning team’s victory. Some truly fun and local Melbourne circus-style performers entertained the crowd and got the after party started. Highlights included the beautiful Geenie and her magic tricks followed by the ever popular Betty Hoops, a contortionist duo and a musician that got creative playing a car horn – just awesome!

Check out our Facebook Page to see more pics from this super day: www.facebook.com/Pomodorina


Current Trends – Corporate Functions

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And finally, our last installment on ‘what’s hot’ NOW! Enjoy the read below on what we see as the Current Trends -  Corporate Functions:


  • Corporate events are always about getting ‘bang for their buck’, especially given the current economic climate, and building the Corporate’s brand whilst nurturing and massaging the client relationships is paramount.


  • Corporates in Australia have been more recently hosting one medium to large-scale annual event, centred around an industry awards ceremony (eg Dealer of the Year) or well known sporting events (eg AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup) to make the event as inclusive as possible so that all company divisions can attend and maximise the event’s potential to entertain clients. Having said that, the current trend is now definitely moving towards MORE events, meetings and conventions which is a great for the events services industry!


  • Another popular corporate event trend is to build in music performances or opportunities for guests to meet the new (and old) stars arising out of high rating television programs such as Australia’s Got Talent, The X Factor, Masterchef and The Voice. It supports the Australian entertainment industry as well as cross promotes the corporate brand with a well known and loved public identity…a win-win for everyone.


  • Using stand-up comedians as corporate motivational speakers is also proving to be very fashionable as they already know how to humour an audience which is key when trying to educate a live audience and keep them engaged


  • As at children’s events, cake pops and push-up cakes are becoming a very popular dessert option at corporate events. They can be customised for any occasion and using company colours so are also fantastic corporate gifts to clients!


  • Big themed events are back and in a big way! From a matching colour to themeing the food & entertainment and of course the decor…what fun event managers will have again as they start to have more freedom to dream up an new and innovative concept…Clients, our doors are open!


Current Party Trends – Children’s Parties

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Further to our last Blog Post about Current Party Trends, below are what Pomodorina has found to be the latest trends in Children’s Parties:

  • Families where both parents are working full time has become the norm – they are generally time poor and/or lacking in resources so the big trend in children’s parties is to OUTSOURCE! It’s not uncommon to hire an event planner to manage the entire process, including invitations, catering, entertainment, and take-home gifts (or “loot bags” as they are often called).


  • Dessert & Sweet tables have definitely made their mark at children’s parties…they help to theme the party, delights the children on arrival and gets the parents talking (and eating!)


  • Professionally baked and iced “couture-cakes” (yes, even for a children’s party!) are a very popular centrepiece for the Dessert & Sweets table – homemade cakes by Mum seem to be few and far between…


  • Move over cupcakes – cake pops and push-up cakes have arrived! No more messy or tricky cake-cutting…these treats are beautifully presented individual servings of cake and icing. They are becoming a very popular dessert option at Children’s parties as they look fantastic on the Dessert & Sweets table plus a few dozen of these make a fantastic alternative to an actual cake…


  • Booking entertainment to keep the kids amused (for at least an hour of the given party) seems to go hand-in-hand with sending out the invites – fairies, clowns, bubble-makers, face-painters, fire-engine rides, petting zoos…it not only keeps the kids calm, it’s fun and memorable PLUS it gives the parents a chance to enjoy the party and even finish a whole cup of tea whilst it’s still warm!


  • Cooking parties, “mall crawls” and pool parties are the top 3 tween party themes for girls and boys alike


  • At the high-end, there’s a strong demand for custom dance-floor monograms and vinyl applications for special events such as bar/bat mitzvahs and 18th/21st Birthdays


  • And teens are crazy for anything high-tech – interactive video walls, integrated iPOD activities, ie anything that can incorporate technology in an entertaining way.


  • E-invites and e-thankyous – an eco-friendly trend that helps parents better time-manage and still gets the message across, without the designing/printing and postage costs! Not to mention getting all those postal addresses updated…



Current Party Trends – Private Events

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We were recently asked to comment on current party trends for The Sunday Telegraph.

Here’s what we said about what’s happening in the Private Event Sector:

  • Private party hosts are often looking to what’s happening overseas so that their guests experience something fresh and somewhat new plus is “pushing the boundaries” a little – everyone loves a “wow” factor no matter how intimate or extravagant your party is!


  •  With the Hollywood movie “Gatsby” being filmed in Australia over the last 12 months, lots of clients have been requesting parties themed to the 1920s and 1930s … from elegant lunch or afternoon tea settings in the garden around a game of croquet to an intimate “speakeasy” lounge that boasts dapper bartenders serving a variety of whiskies & old fashioned cocktails whilst the patrons tap their toes to some New Orleans jazz.


  •  The use of Mason (or jam) jars is EVERYWHERE! Both as they are (plain clear glass) and sometimes painted to give a “distressed” look, they are being used as candle holders, cocktail glasses, vase ware for floral arrangements and even to create make-shift chandeliers! Love them or hate them, they are going to be around for a while we think!


  •  For cocktail parties and sit-down functions alike, custom-styled and elegant Dessert & Sweets Tables are at the top of the ‘what to have at every party’ list. American Amy Atlas set the bar (and craze!) for these a few years ago and Australia has really only recently caught on.


  •  Brides are constantly requesting for “vintage romance”… more of the Gatsby influence coming through here perhaps?


  •  Black & White theming is always popular as its versatile and never dates but COLOUR has made a HUGE come-back…whether it be colour-blocking a room’s decor or using lighting to flood the room “yellow”, colour is what’s bringing the “wow” effect back to gala events.


  •  Eco-friendly options are often asked for and always obliged where possible (eg sending out e-invitations and using 100% recycled or recyclable partywares when dsposables are requested)


  •  Bye bye Balloons… its all about flowers & floral artworks! Flowers can lend themselves to ANY decor setting, arrangement or artwork imaginable. Flowers are seasonal so can give every event a sense of originality – plus they make great take-home gifts for guests or are welcomed donations at hospitals and nursing homes so it means nothing goes to waste!


Media Debut

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Pomodorina Events has made its media debut today, Sunday August 26th, in the Sunday Telegraph, page 10!

Enjoy the read as we share our thoughts on kids birthday parties and what we can help you do to ensure your child’s next birthday party is an event that both the kids and parents will be sure to enjoy!

Many thanks to Lisa Mayoh from Mayoh Media for helping us get there…



Farm Animal Birthday Party

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Oink, Quack, Baa, Moo… a little girl has just turned 2!

The AMAZING Farm Yard Birthday Cake

And what a gorgeous morning she had at her Farm Animal themed Birthday Party…

On arrival, the party guests were given a Farm Animal Sun Visor (duck, cow, pig or horse) to wear to help theme the setting and generate more excitment. The children were then led into the “paddock” to feed, pat and cuddle any one or all of the 35 baby animals – goats, chickens, rabbits, lambs, kids, ducks, ducklings, chicks, a piglet and a calf. This was an amazing success and loved by the children and parents alike!

The children were also kept busy with the two different craft activities that were supervised at the party – #1 Make-Your-Own Barn Photo Frame that had them decorate the foam frame with a generous selection of self-adhesive Farm themed foam shapes and #2 Make-Your-Own Animal Balloon where the children had to create an animal face (cow, pig or chicken) on an expanded balloon using the stickers provided.

All party guests departed with a very special ‘Loot’ Bag that included a Farm Animal themed Paddleball Game, Lollipop and Sticker Sheet. The children also enjoyed the extra take-home goodies – their Sun Visor, decorated Barn Photo Frame and Animal Balloon.

Check out our Facebook Page to see pics of the party! www.facebook.com/Pomodorina